How to Please a White Girl with a Big Booty

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Meeting Donovan For the First Time

I met Donovan online. This was the first time I was going to meet with someone in real life that I met on the Internet. We had talked for about two months after meeting on a dating website. The moment I saw his profile I was attracted to him. His dark features were gorgeous. It may sound weird but I could just tell he was smart from his photos. After talking with him I knew he didn’t just look smart, he was brilliant. His intelligence was such a turn on.


Where to Find a Personal Shopper That Will Get You Laid

If you are looking for a personal shopper that will find that perfect outfit to help you get that hot girl email me at

Men and women throughout the world want to get laid. There is no argument to be made. Presidents have been impeached for a blowjob. Empires have fallen because of sex. We want it. We can’t live without it and it consumes us. If I could tell you that you could get sex by simply wearing a specific outfit would you take that deal? If you simply needed to spend $250 at Nordstrom to get laid by a smoking hot girl tonight would you be willing to do it? If the answer is no you are lying or asexual.


How to Hook Up with Girls on Reddit Gone Wild

Reddit is one of the most talked about social websites on the Internet. If you are a single guy you have probably visited the Gone Wild subreddit at one point or another in the last month. If you have not, check it out now. Here you go. I am going to warn you ahead of time, it can be very addictive and appealing. Most of the girls that post on Reddit Gone Wild are between the ages of 18 and 24 and very physically attractive. That said, every now and again there will be a wife or a “milf” that is looking to receive confirmation on their fit and hot body.


How to Talk a Girl Into a Threesome

It is what every guy desires. To hear a girl say, “I want to have a threesome with another girl.” Some guys may cringe if she says she wants to be doubled teamed by two guys but there are less than a handful of heterosexual guys that would turn down the opportunity to have a threesome with two gorgeous women. Figuring out how to talk a girl into a threesome could be more difficult than memorizing pi to 200 decimal places. Heck, I bet if we asked Thomas Edison what would be harder, inventing the light bulb or talking a beautiful women into a threesome he would choose the later. So, how do you do it?