How to Hook Up with Girls on Reddit Gone Wild


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Reddit is one of the most talked about social websites on the Internet. If you are a single guy you have probably visited the Gone Wild subreddit at one point or another in the last month. If you have not, check it out now. Here you go. I am going to warn you ahead of time, it can be very addictive and appealing. Most of the girls that post on Reddit Gone Wild are between the ages of 18 and 24 and very physically attractive. That said, every now and again there will be a wife or a “milf” that is looking to receive confirmation on their fit and hot body.

Getting Verified on Reddit Gone Wild

The guys that are scouring Reddit Gone Wild will notice that most of these girls are looking to get as much online attention as possible. So much so that they are willing to “verify” the Reddit username by posting a photo with their screen name, the date and a little something cute for Redditors to view. You can tell if a username has been verified by looking at the icon beside their username. Over the last several months I have noticed that most of the photos that get to the front page of Reddit Gone Wild are from verified users.

It makes sense that the verified users on Reddit are getting many more upvotes than users that are not verified. Almost anyone with half a brain can go out and search for photos of half naked women and post them to Reddit or any website on the Internet. The MTV show and documentary movie Catfish clearly illustrates how crazy online users can be. While we would all like to hope that “hot girls” posting online are being completely honest it is simply not the case. In fact, the majority of the people using Reddit or other social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are probably hiding something.

If you are looking to hook up with girls on Reddit Gone Wild the first step is to verify that they are who they say they are. While I would like to say you can look at the verification icon beside their username a little more research and commitment of time is needed if you hope to get one of these gorgeous girls in your bed in their sexy thong and stockings.

Messaging Girls on Reddit

The Reddit messaging system is old school to say that least. There is no argument to be made that Reddit is the most anonymous social network on the Internet. While Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus are trying to force users to be real Reddit encourages users to be completely anonymous. Heck, Redditors are known for coming up with fun and sexy screennames. Throughout the course of this resource I will post great screennames I have seen on Reddit Gone Wild. Here are a couple:

  • b00bsforkarma
  • Fem_fatale
  • gw007throwaway
  • sexualhealingg
  • queenofownage

Something very common is a Reddit Gone Wild “throw away” account. Later in this resource I will explain their sense of urgency needed when it comes to messaging users with a throw away account. For now I will simply discuss the ways to private message any user on Reddit even if they are not on Gone Wild.

By clicking on the blue screenname of any user you will be directed to their user home page. This is the website in which you can see all the posts, photos and comments this particular user has ever submitted on Reddit. To verify this user or to learn more about them you can scroll through their Reddit history. If they have a photo being blonde on June 22nd but they were a red head on June 20th and a brunette on June 14th there is a good chance they are just trying to get more karma by posting as many random sexy girl photos they can find on the Internet. Over time, this type of user will see a steep decline in upvotes because Redditors are very savvy and they will figure this out quickly. You should too, she is likely not real.

Before making any assumptions about a comment that shows up on their user page of Reddit it is sometimes best to click the “context” link to better understand the full, well, context of the comment. They may have commented something like, “I don’t like blowjobs.” If you read the context you may find out that she was being sarcastic or it was in reference to a movie or TV show. Always check the context of comments before making deductions.

Once you are ready to message a Redditor you can use the “send message” clickable link under the right hand user profile information. On the upper right you will notice their username, link karma, comment karma, the amount of time they have been a Redditor and the opportunity to send a message. It looks like this:


Users that are very active on Reddit will also have a trophy case meaning they have earned many “trophies” for link karma and comment karma. By clicking “send message” you will be directed to an email type message box. The first box will say to username, or /r/name for that subreddit’s mods). The second box will be the subject line and the large box is for the message with some editing options. These editing options are as follows:

  • Bold
  • Italic
  • strikesup
  • Link
  • >Quote
  • Code
  • •Bullets
  • 1.Numbers

Years ago, you had to go into the coding to do the edits but you can simply highlight the word or phrase and click the editing button to change the word to bold or italics. This is very handy when trying to emphasize something. It also tells other Redditors you know what you are doing and you have been on Reddit for awhile. Interestingly, that truly matters to many of the girls that are posting on Gone Wild. They are attracted to Redditors that have a lot of link and comment karma.

After you have typed your message you can click the send link on the bottom left and the other Redditor will get this message. Now is the time for me to explain why it can be so very difficult to get a response from girls that are posting on Gone Wild.

How Many Messages Do Girls Get on Gone Wild?

I have witnessed several females receive in excess of 500 messages on Gone Wild in less than two hours. Most guys that use Reddit probably do not see more than 10 or 15 private messages a day even if they are extremely active. The same cannot be said for females that are using Reddit. In one particular instance, a girl I knew posted an r4r with an attractive picture just to see what type of reaction she would get. Within 20 minutes she had over 100 messages.

She did her best to keep up by answering the private messages as they came in. She was talking to males on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, AIM, Yahoo! Chat, text, Kik, Google Hangouts and What’s App. It was truly remarkable to see how quickly she was getting messages. At one point guys started to get mad at her because she was unable to respond within 30 minutes. As you can imagine, getting this many messages made it truly impossible for her to respond in an efficient manner.

This is something most guys that are on Reddit, or any social network, likely do not understand. If you have not witnessed it with your own eyes you have no idea how many messages these smoking hot girls can get in a short amount of time. This is why it is imperative to have a strategy when it comes to messaging any girl that has posted on Reddit Gone Wild in the last several months.

The Strategy to Messaging Girls on Reddit

One thing you must understand when messaging girls on Reddit is the number of messages they have recently received. If they are #1 on Gone Wild with 3000 upvotes and 100 comments it is highly unlikely they are going to be able to weed through all the messages to find yours. Note that Reddit users receive a red mail button any time another user comments on a post or sends them a private message.

Those that are not computer savvy could end up getting this confused. For this reason, some girls on Reddit Gone Wild never respond to a message or a comment. They do not want to make the mistake of thinking they are posting something private when it is, in fact, available for the entire world to see. With that in mind, do not expect a private message response from a girl that has a “hot” Reddit photo.

Instead of looking to communicate with girls that have posted recently it might be a good idea to look at some of the photos that were posted days or weeks ago. One way to do this is to “friend” a girl you find very attractive and wait a few days until she is no longer getting a large number of upvotes on Reddit. You may have to wait a week. You may have to wait a month. It will be well worth it. Contacting her through a private message when she has not submitted a photo in several weeks will insure that she is more likely to see it. Rather than getting bombarded with private messages it is likely the case that she is only getting a handful a day; or none at all when she isn’t posting.

By clicking on the Friends subreddit or using this link you will be able to scroll down to see how long ago some of these girls posted. I would strongly suggest looking for “friends” that posted at least three or four days ago. The longer it has been since they posted the better. Unfortunately, it may be the case that they do not sign into Reddit if they do not post. This is a chance you have to be willing to take.

Something else I would strongly suggest is sending a message and not worrying about it. Send a couple messages, close your tab and go on with your life. When you get a chance later in the week check back to see if any of them responded. This will make you a more attractive person as it will show you are not sitting on Reddit waiting for them to respond. If it takes them three days to respond to your message and you respond back within 23 seconds it looks very desperate. Even though you may think, “Hey, she is on now so we can chat quickly!” this is not likely the case. Here are some more great Reddit Gone Wild usernames:

  • AngrySqurl
  • humansybian
  • uptonogoood
  • AllTheSinsOfMyLife
  • eezydoesit