How to Please a White Girl with a Big Booty


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Meeting Donovan For the First Time

I met Donovan online. This was the first time I was going to meet with someone in real life that I met on the Internet. We had talked for about two months after meeting on a dating website. The moment I saw his profile I was attracted to him. His dark features were gorgeous. It may sound weird but I could just tell he was smart from his photos. After talking with him I knew he didn’t just look smart, he was brilliant. His intelligence was such a turn on.

Over the course of the month prior to flying down to see him we had talked sporadically on the phone and online. It was not the case that we talked everyday. He was extremely busy which turned me on even more. Just hearing his voice made me want to go down on him. As I sat on the plane I could only think about devouring him as soon as I saw him at the airport. I wanted him more than I had ever wanted anything in my life.

When my plane landed I texted him and told him where I would be. I made a quick stop by the restroom to make sure I looked great. I did. As I walked out the front doors of the terminals his BMW pulled up right on time. He got out and I honestly think I got wet at that very moment. He was even hotter in real life. The amazing thing about Donovan is he is gorgeous but he doesn’t know it. He has often told me that he thinks he is cute in a nerdy way, but not gorgeous. If he isn’t gorgeous I don’t have a vagina between my legs.

As soon as he reached to take my luggage I grabbed him and kissed him. Not one of these short, “nice to finally meet you” kisses. More of a “I want you deep inside every hole of my body” type kiss. Our tongues met and the world around us did not matter. It was the most passionate kiss I had ever experienced. Have you ever had one of those kisses where you feel like you are just floating above the earth? We weren’t floating, we were on a hovercraft for several minutes.

When the kiss finally ended I realized his hands were on my lower back but never made their way to my big ass. I say this because that was all he talked about before I flew down. He wanted to experience my big white girl booty. I am very confident that I have one of the nicest white girl booties in the United States. If you don’t believe me, just look at some of my Google+ photos. I was kind of sad that his hands had not made their way all the way down to my ass.

I had strategically worn my sexy lacy gstring in hopes that he would notice immediately. Well, he was going to notice very soon! We got in his BMW and it smelled of Acqua Di Gio and brand new leather. At this point, I knew I was wet. I could feel it through my lace gstring. I grabbed his face, pulled it to me and embarked upon the most amazingly sexual kiss ever. Our tongues were deep inside each other’s throats. Something else of his was going to be deep inside my throat as soon as possible. After breaking the seal of our mouths Donovan started to drive out of the airport.

I reached over and started to play with his hair and rub his neck. I whispered to him, “You are ever better looking in real life.” He simply glanced over at me and smiled. We made our way back to his townhouse which was about 10 minutes from the airport. This was the most difficult 10 minutes I have experienced. I badly wanted to go down on him and give him roadhead but I thought it might be too soon. I rubbed his legs through his jeans but I wasn’t ready to ruin something by making myself out to be a whore.

That said, I wanted to be his whore. Anything Donovan wanted to do to me was fine. I would have stood on my hands while he fucked me upside down if that is what he wanted. As we pulled into his townhouse I noticed that he was hard; all the way through his pants. Oh my, my. Not only is he gorgeous and smart but he is well endowed too. This was going to be an eventful evening and weekend.

He politely grabbed my suitcase and walked me to the front door. As he was unlocking the door I was playing with his hair and rubbing his back. By the time the key finally entered the lock and turned the bolt we were about as ready to become one as possible. He dropped my suitcase as I closed the door behind me. He pushed me up against the inside of the door and started making out with me. Hard. So hard I could feel his manhood pressed into me.

He grabbed my wrists and pinned them above my head while scouring my entire mouth with his tongue. He then ran his hands down my back. In my mind I was begging for him to grab my ass. My wish was granted and them some. He found a way to slide his hands between my pants and gstring. He grabbed my ass hard and I absolutely loved it. I am quite confident I was then showing my wetness through my pants. I didn’t care. I wanted this man inside me. Now.

To be continued…