Where to Find a Personal Shopper That Will Get You Laid


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Men and women throughout the world want to get laid. There is no argument to be made. Presidents have been impeached for a blowjob. Empires have fallen because of sex. We want it. We can’t live without it and it consumes us. If I could tell you that you could get sex by simply wearing a specific outfit would you take that deal? If you simply needed to spend $250 at Nordstrom to get laid by a smoking hot girl tonight would you be willing to do it? If the answer is no you are lying or asexual.

Why an Outfit is So Important

One of the main reasons an outfit is so important is the convince it exudes. Some clothes just make you feel better. Have you ever worn those jeans that fit your butt¬†and legs just perfect? Have you ever found that tshirt that just forms to your muscular chest? Have you found that pair of shoes that makes you feel like kicking some ass? If you haven’t there is a good chance a personal shopper will change all of that very quickly.

Unfortunately, most guys have no idea what looks good on them. What they think looks good on them and what actually looks good on them are two different outfits. The best way to figure out what looks good on you is to ask a gorgeous young woman that has great style. Of course, there are many different styles and body types but no one knows better than a young woman that dresses herself well.

Finding a personal shopper that is gorgeous and young is nearly impossible. Most personal shoppers are old, not that attractive and “claimed” experts. These women think they are God’s gift to fashion and they haven’t been laid in the last decade. You need a young woman that could bat her eyes, shake her ass and immediately be able to sit on a guy’s face. These young women are few and far between, trust me. When you find one you should not let her go. In fact, you should pay her lots of money to help you get laid.

These types of young women will not only be able to help pick out outfits for you but they will also explain the importance of the outfit. Your skin tone or facial features make work better with different types of shirts or different colors. If you have very dark features such as tan skin, thick facial hair and flowing black locks there is a good chance you should not be wearing dark colors. Dark on dark on dark is just too much.

Even though this is the case, there are thousands of dark haired men wearing all black everyday. Do you think a guy that is not fashionable is going to be able to bed the smoking hot brunette that has spent the last three weekends looking for the perfect dress to go with her brand new Christian Louboutin heels? Not a chance in hell. She is going to be giving oral sex to the guy that is wearing the outfit that fits well and looks good on him.

What Does Not Work

If you think you can go out and pick out some clothes, shoes an accessories that are going to get you laid you are sadly mistaken. That Buckle shirt or Express pair of pants probably does not fit you right. The old college tshirt you have does not cut it when it comes to getting in a girl’s pants. What young woman wants to hop in bed with a guy that is still wearing a $15 tshirt he bought seven years ago? Do you think this exudes confidence? If you do you need more help than just a personal shopper. Email us now and we will turn your life around and get you laid on a consistent basis.

Something else that does not work is buying what your buddies think is “in style” these days. Are your buddies nailing all the young, hot chicks in NYC, Vegas or Atlanta? I didn’t think so. Are your buddies hopping on a plane to fly to Hawaii to have seven nights of amazing sex with a fitness model? Exactly. Listening to your buddies will likely get you in trouble; especially when it comes to fashion. Listen to a smoking hot young woman that dresses herself well. If you don’t have access to one right now you need to hire me. Email me here.

Another common action from men wanting to get laid is to mix and match. No. No! NO! You do not need orange pants with a pink polo shirt. You do not need to buy a lime green necklace just to get the attention of a beautiful woman. If it doesn’t match your outfit you are going to make that young woman run for the exits of the bar or club. You are busy. You make shit tons of money in tech or finance or whatever industry you are in. You do your job and I will do mine. Stop trying to look up what Justin Timberlake and George Clooney are wearing in hopes of it looking good on you. It won’t. Stop trying.

Best Places for You To Shop

Where I tell you! Stop trying to find the boutique shoppes and hole in the wall places in college towns and neighboring cities. When you drive to the outlets or to Alexandria you are just going to make a fool of yourself. You don’t have the skill set to fly to New York and shop for the finest clothes. I could name 20 retailers or stores that offer amazing clothing but you are going to mess it up by buying the wrong pants to go with the button up shirt.

While we are on button up shirts, throw away anything with a dragon and snake! The Ed Hardy phase was never a panty dropper. Name one smoking hot female that wants to go down on a guy that is wearing a black button up shirt with a grey dragon that goes over his shoulder and on his back. Did you ever think this was really a good idea? You may have bought a few of these shirts in 2007 and 2008 but burn them now!